Victor and Simone

We chose Amaris events as our wedding coordinators and florist and I could not have been more pleased with the service that Cian provided.

From the beginning Cian was faced with quite a few challenges like a) planning our entire wedding in only 3 months, and b) a relatively stringent budget. Despite these challenges however Cian tackled every challenge with a positive attitude and amazing resourcefulness, during the whole process she didn’t once say to me that “we have problem” or “I can’t” she only brought me solutions and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

A lot of vendors these days follow trends and have an idea of “what works” consequently they don’t listen to what you actually want and only suggest the same boring trends or what they like personally. Cian made me feel like I was being heard and executed our vision with fearless creativity, she was so in tune with what I wanted and liked that when I got frustrated by the millionth florist who was either overpriced or simply didn’t understand what we wanted, she jumped in and did the flowers herself, which ended up being one of my favourite things from my wedding day.

Cian is everything you could possibly want in a planner, kind, supportive, positive, super organized (not a single thing went wrong on the day) but more importantly she is competent, with a killer work ethic and is someone who isn’t afraid to negotiate on your behalf to ensure that everything goes according to plan and stays within budget.

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